Education for the Children

As you know, it has always been part of our ethos to support good causes. This year, we are running several charitable events (you can find out more in our calendar of events) and have decided to sponsor two children in Guatemala – Fatima (7) and Isaac (6) – throughout their education.

Fatima and Isaac started in reception class on January 15 and we are supporting them through the Nottingham-based Charity, Education for the Children.

This charity supports disadvantaged families in Guatemala whose parents cannot afford education. Without this vital support, young children would end up working in factories or fields. We will fund their schooling, social support, general care and medical care. We feel privileged to be able to help in this way and will share regular updates on our website. If you want to get involved, you can also find out how to help on our website.

We also support local and national charities and are always looking out for a good cause, so please let us know of any close to your heart. The link to their website is

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