Making a Difference for Children with Additional Needs in Rutland

Lives can change in a heartbeat. One minute everything’s fine; next, your world is upside down. For some people, that’s the moment they learn their children are going to need special help. If that happens, it’s good to know that help is at hand.

Sunflowers (or ‘Sunnies’) is a weekly support group for parents and carers in Oakham, who have young children with a variety of additional needs.

For these parents and carers, Sunnies provides an opportunity to meet, make new friends and ask for advice. For children, it’s fun time. They can enjoy a swim in the pool, with help to make this possible, followed by opportunities to play and learn in a safe, understanding environment.

Sunflowers is run by volunteers and depends on the support of people like you. 

Our business is built on family values, so we’re proud to be backing Sunnies. 

To find out more about Sunflowers, contact Nicola Harries: or visit the their Facebook page here.

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