The Harley Staples Cancer Trust. Smiles When You Need Them Most.

When you discover that your child has cancer, you probably think that neither of you will ever smile again.

The practical challenges are difficult enough. Emotionally, it can seem unbearable.

The couple behind The Harley Staples Cancer Trust know how it feels. Katherine and Jamie Staples lost their beloved son Harley to a rare form of Leukemia in 2009, just nine months after he was diagnosed.

As a lasting tribute to Harley, they established this charity which now provides much-needed breaks for families whose children have cancer, in either a smart caravan on the Norfolk coast, or a luxury lodge in the heart of Rutland. This gives families a break from the stresses of treatment. It even puts smiles back on their faces again.

A glance at the guest book tells you what a difference this makes.

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