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Responsible Investing

Are you investing responsibly?

Smith Eliot Financial Management works closely with Rowan Dartington, the Discretionary Fund Management and Stockbroking branch of St. James Place, in order to allow you to reflect on your own personal values when you invest. Investing can be a way for you to bring about positive change, by ensuring that the companies you invest in are operating in a responsible manner and excluding those involved in harmful practices.

Rowan Dartington’s bespoke portfolio service utilises negative screening, thematic investing and impact investing strategies to conduct in-depth responsible investment research and analysis, so that you can be sure that the company you are investing in behaves ethically and shares your values and priorities. We work with you so that you can incorporate both positive and negative environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into your decision when investing, whilst identifying companies with the potential to deliver the most attractive returns, enabling us to directly bring about change together.

Responsible investing is ideal for individuals, families, charities and small pension schemes that are looking to align their values with their financial objectives and receive a tailored response to their needs. If you are interested in responsible investment, please get in touch with the Smith Eliot team today to start your journey.

The value of an investment with Rowan Dartington may fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested.

Available through Rowan Dartington, the discretionary fund management and stockbroking arm of St.James’s Place.



Responsible companies are conscious of their environmental impact, considering factors such as their carbon emissions, packaging options and deforestation.



Social factors refer to the way in which a company affects society. We look into staff practices, ethical labour, and the impact that the company has on local communities.



Governance refers to the company’s business practices, such as executive pay, bribery and corruption, political donations, board diversity and tax strategy.

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